Putin’s Chekist Cover Has Been Blown

Kremlin’s brazen interference in our politics has been exposed—changing the spy-game to Russia’s disadvantage

Monday’s marathon Congressional session about Moscow’s clandestine machinations during our 2016 election was one for the books. The directors of the FBI and NSA hardly ever speak jointly in open session, so this was a truly special event, and what they had to say rocked American politics.

Together, the FBI’s James Comey and NSA’s Mike Rogers made it abundantly clear to the House Intelligence Committee that Russian spies interfered in last year’s presidential campaign, to the detriment of Hillary Clinton and the benefit of Donald Trump. Moreover, the new president and his team are under FBI counterintelligence investigation, and have been since last summer, in an inquiry that’s attempting to get to the bottom of this unpleasant mess—including assessing if there was any clandestine collusion between the Kremlin and Team Trump.

Just as stunning was the admission by Director Comey, speaking for both the Bureau and the Department of Justice, that the president’s tweetstorm accusation that Barack Obama “wiretapped” Trump Tower is nonsense. Nobody in the Intelligence Community has found a shred of evidence to support Trump’s outlandish claim, while Director Rogers explained that NSA’s British partner agency, GCHQ, was not involved in any surveillance of Team Trump—another bizarre accusation the White House backed, notwithstanding that such conspiracy-theorizing is of Russian origin.

As has become the norm, the White House dug in its heels, ignoring all evidence they didn’t like. Even Fox News has walked away from the GCHQ-did-it lie which they aired earlier this month, benching the longtime conspiracy monger who put this Kremlin disinformation on-air in the first place.

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