Understanding Brexit’s Security Implications

Britain’s leaving is a big deal for the European Union, but not for Britain’s security—or America’s

On June 23, British voters chose to leave the European Union. This important referendum, colloquially termed Brexit, has sent shockwaves across Europe and the world. The victory of the Leave side, with 52 percent of the vote, versus 48 percent for Remain, is a rare historical turning point that is understood at the time as the epic event that it actually is. Neither the EU nor the United Kingdom will ever be the same.

Why Leave triumphed, contrary to countless opinion polls before the vote, will be debated for decades. Yet the amazing failure of Britain’s political class to understand the majority of its citizenry is already apparent. Prime Minister David Cameron and his Labour opposition spoke with one voice—Remain—as did the strong majority of political pundits and commentators. It did no good.

Cameron has been exposed as the ineffectual trimmer he in fact always was. His announcement of his impending resignation only hours after the vote was deserved, given the debacle he engendered by calling the vote in the first place. Foolishly, Cameron made an EU referendum a campaign plank in his Conservative Party’s 2015 reelection campaign—which he won, thereby casting the die for Brexit.

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