Talking about Orlando and Jihadism

The weekend’s appalling terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, which killed 49 innocent Americans, has been on my mind lately. A truly mass-casualty jihadist attack inside the United States has arrived for the first time since 9/11, as anyone properly acquainted with the Islamist terrorist threat we face knew it would. My new piece on this topic, calling out “jihad denial” as a big part of our problem, is inspiring discussion.

I took to the airwaves twice today to talk about Orlando and what is means for American security. I had a chat with Buck Sexton of The Blaze, which you can find here. I also discussed jihadism with Ben Domenech of The Federalist; you can find that here.

If you have free time, please have a listen. The discussions are a tad different — Buck’s a former spook like me while Ben is a well-known DC journalist. It’s an important topic all Americans should be discussing. Enjoy!