John Schindler Talks Putin, Intel, and Hillary’s Campaign

Today on the Federalist Radio Hour, Ben hosts John Schindler, national security columnist at the Observer, security consultant, and former NSA analyst. They discuss Vladimir Putin’s activity in Syria and the reactions of Russian citizens as well as the White House. Schindler tells Ben, “We are getting to the point where valid intelligence is going to get shut down because it’s not what the Obama administration wants.”

They also discuss news of intelligence analysts at Central Command who have been commanded under the Chief of Intelligence to change their assessments. Schindler calls this a “cherry-picking of intelligence.”

Later in the hour, Schindler gives his take on what Congress should be asking Hillary Clinton about the motivations behind her emails and how the scandal has impacted her race for president. He suggests Democrats should be hoping for Joe Biden to enter the race and Ben offers that, “Joe Biden’s career is one long expression of YOLO.”

You can listen in right here ….enjoy!