EmailGate Gets Worse for Hillary Clinton

As evidence mounts that as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her staff systematically violated Federal rules and laws governing the handling of classified materials, her supporters have dug in, denying anything wrong was done. As the emerging facts get worse, so do their lies and obfuscations.

Clinton hangers-on are coming out of the woodwork not merely attacking those who have pointed out Hillary’s serious problems with classified information and her “private” server — they now deny there is any scandal at all.

It’s all yet another invention of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, say Team Hillary with one voice. This, of course, requires a belief that the FBI, the Intelligence Community, and even Obama’s Department of Justice are in on this right-wing plot. Logic was never a Clintonian strong-point.

Among the worst examples of flat-out-lying employed to cut short Hillary’s EmailGate is this new screed by a Democratic hack. The silliness on display is almost a work of art and deconstructing all of it would require many stiff drinks to cut through the deceptions. But let me point out some of the biggest Hillary lies therein.

First, it’s all the VRWC: there literally is no story at all. It’s a figment of the Fox imagination:

In fact, no one outside the chattering class — and right-wing true believers — could give a rat’s rear about this story — and there is a good reason: there is no “there” there.

Does the FBI count as chattering class or right-wing true believers — or both?

None of the emails on the Secretary’s personal account were classified at the time they were sent or received. That is not in dispute.

Actually the fact that some of those emails were classified at the time — albeit illegally stripped of their classification markings by somebody — was exactly the point of the recent Intelligence Community Inspector General’s report to Congress. So there is very much a dispute and, since the Intelligence Community — not the State Department — gets to determine the classification of IC information, that dispute is already settled — and not in Hillary’s favor.

No one has ever pointed to an instance where the fact that something was on her server instead of a government server had any negative consequences whatsoever.

Nice dodge there. Apparently Secretary John Kerry was also lying — is he part of the VRWC now too? — when he stated he’s confident that Russian and Chinese intelligence are reading his unclassified emails. Are we to assume that Hillary’s totally unencrypted “private” emails were more secure? Unless, of course, Hillary thinks that Moscow and Beijing were reading her emails because, deep down, they really just wanted to help the United States.

I’m saving the biggest, lamest whopper for last:

In fact, no Secretary of State before Ms. Clinton had a government email account.

This is, simply, a bald-faced lie. When she held the top job at Foggy Bottom Condoleezza Rice had a unclassified email account. Which she used sparingly but did, on occasion, use. In fact, most top leaders in Washington, DC, use email sparingly, they’re simply very busy people. How Hillary found the time to send tens of thousands of emails when she was sitting in Foggy Bottom is another question that may prove interesting to the FBI.

But there is no debating that, by refusing to use emails at all at any time, Hillary was rejecting the precedent set by her predecessor (and used by her successor, John Kerry).

The prodigious Team Hillary lies must stop. With each new, flat-out lie, she is damaging her party and the country. It’s time to come clean and end this charade. There’s not much time left — the FBI will end its investigation eventually, and I doubt Clinton, Inc. will like what the Bureau finds.

Among the biggest questions facing the FBI is, if Hillary had no unclassified email account, did she have (or use) higher-level governmental email? There are separate email systems for Secret and Top Secret Codeword information, respectively. Did Hillary use them at all? Did that play a role in this scandal?

If Hillary wasn’t lifting classified information from “high-side” systems (to use IC terminology), who on her staff was? That question surely is something the FBI is looking into very closely right now.