Parisian Terror: Will Europe Finally Wake Up?

I woke today to appalling news of an atrocity in Paris. Black-clad gunmen stormed the office of a popular magazine, assassinating journalists. In truth, I was not surprised, given the rising wave of terrorism in France recently; like many in the counterterrorism community, I’ve been expecting professional-style attacks of this kind in Europe, but this news cannot fail to shock.

The story is only now coming into focus but the killers remain at large, at this hour, while at least a dozen victims are confirmed dead, including two policemen, one of whom was murdered execution-style, based on graphic footage. The target was Charlie-Hebdo, a left-wing magazine known for skewering sacred cows of many breeds, including Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. Four cartoonists who were especially reviled by extremists are confirmed dead, and the assassins are reported to have asked for them by name: think of this a jihadist version of “targeted killing.”

The real question I have, as someone who has followed jihadist terrorism in Europe, as both a scholar and practitioner, for a couple decades, is: How could anyone be surprised by this? Jihad-watchers, with quiet nods from European officials, have been warning for years about the mayhem to come when the thousands – yes, thousands – of Europeans fighting with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria return home angry, skilled at killing, and well-armed.

Moreover, assassinating Europeans who “insult Islam” is hardly new. Theo van Gogh, the Dutch journalist-cum-provocateur who was indelicate in his attacks on Islam, was butchered on the streets of Amsterdam by an angry teenager with a knife back in 2004. A decade later, the masked killers are clad in black, bearing Kalashnikovs and a rocket-propelled grenade launcher – a marked jump in professionalism and firepower, but the intent remains the same.

Watching on-scene video, it’s clear that the assassins today did not learn how to scoot-and-shoot on the Internet. Yet even then, the idea of well-armed, hardened jihadist killers coming back to France to cause murderous mayhem isn’t ripped from today’s headlines – it was going on fully twenty years ago.

As I’ve explained in detail, back in 1995 French jihadists returned from the battlefields of Bosnia, where they were fighting with al-Qa’ida-linked units, to bring the jihad home. They pulled off several impressive armed robberies in the French-Belgian border region – they were stealing to get funds for terrorism – and the police had a tough time catching up with what they called the Roubaix Gang. When they finally did, the jihadists, who had an abundance of automatic weapons and were better armed than the cops, chose to go down in fire and glory rather than surrender. Their leader, the charismatic convert Lionel Dumont, alone escaped death, managing to evade capture for the better part of a decade by escaping to the global jihadist underground in a manner that has never fully been explained.

Despite the fact that the Roubaix Gang was all over the French media twenty years ago, not least because they came close to blowing up the G7 meeting in Lille, the story did not result in much examination of what was going on with heavily armed French citizens trying to bring jihad-of-the-sword home. The story disappeared down the memory hole and became something polite people did not want to discuss.

The trend has continued to the present day. The butchering of Jewish children and French servicemen by a self-styled jihadist was treated as an unpleasant one-off, while the rise of a young French convert to a position of power in the Islamic State in Syria has been considered more a curiosity than an alarming portent. Too many Europeans have been eager to dismiss all this as “random” or “senseless” and, at worst, the by-product of “racism” and “failures of assimilation.” Officials have sung the same tune in public, with the recent wave of car-terrorism in France being dismissed as having absolutely nothing to do with Islamism or radicalism.

The painful truth is that France today, like much of Europe, faces a profound crisis, as thousands of European Union citizens are waging jihad abroad, most of whom will eventually come home more radical and more proficient at killing. Historical patterns suggest that only five to ten percent of these returnees will engage in terrorism at home, but given the unprecedented numbers of Europeans – there were platoons of Europeans fighting in Bosnia twenty years ago; today there are whole battalions in Syria and Iraq — now serving in the ranks of the fanatical Islamic State, there is no comfort found there.

French intelligence is competent and, behind closed doors, has a realistic understanding of this threat, but they are overwhelmed and constrained by timid political masters. The scary truth is that many EU countries now face a wave of returning jihadists that no European security service can hope to monitor and deter with any degree of confidence, based on existing laws and norms. The full story of today’s atrocity will take time to emerge, but we can be sure that the details will not be comforting to progressives and bien-pensants, who per custom will attempt to play down the ugly reality. As someone who recently predicted more terrorism in Europe in 2015, some of it sure to be “mysterious,” I hate to be right so soon in this new year.

It does not help realistic debate that Europeans who try to discuss this threat are routinely shut down and marginalized, to use a favorite progressive term, by mainstream forces who desperately seek no debate at all. Last week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel castigated fellow citizens, the so-called PEGIDA movement, who since the autumn have been peacefully protesting against Islamization and radicalism. They are racists who have no place in a democratic society, the chancellor made clear, and on cue Germany’s great and good – politicos, magnates, celebrities, clerics – backed Merkel in her public effort to silence PEGIDA.

Therefore the only winner in today’s atrocity is Vladimir Putin and his European friends. As I’ve noted for some time, right-wing friends of the Kremlin are the only force in Europe that has consistently and unapologetically sought to address rising public concerns about jihadism in their midst, while mainstream parties have surrendered the field on this vital issue to people on Putin’s payroll. After today, Marine Le Pen, whose condemnation of Islamism and affection for Putin seem equally sincere, may wish to start planning her inauguration party as president of France. You can be sure her friend from Moscow will have a seat of honor.

UPDATE (1130 EST, 7 JAN): Video of the assassins includes audio of one of the terrorists speaking something that sounds an awful lot like Russian (my Russian is good, but more importantly several native speakers have said this sounds like Russian to them too); given the explosive nature of this revelation, it would be wise to wait for official voice analysis before conclusions are jumped to. That said, counterintelligence hands who know the Russians will recall that the Kremlin has a long history of using Chechen agents in false-flag terrorism going back two decades.

UPDATE (1205 EST, 7 JAN): Since I’ve heaped scorn on European politicos who refuse to seriously address the issue of jihadism, it bears noting that today, when asked about the Paris atrocity, White House spokesman Josh Earnest refused to say if it was terrorism. This from the administration that called the Fort Hood attack an “incident of workplace violence.” Seriously, if executing journalists to silence them does not count as terrorism, I’m not sure what does. Eternal shame on Obama and his minions here.

UPDATE (1615 EST, 7 JAN): French media have identified the three suspects in today’s attack, who as of this hour remain at large: Saïd Kouachi (born 1980), Chérif Kouachi (born 1982, and who appeared in a 2008 AP story about support for the Iraqi jihad), Hamyd Mourad (born 1996): they are of Algerian background, and lived in Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine). The Kouachis have substantial police records — and, one expects, thick files with French intelligence — and are rumored to have recently returned from Syria. More soon ….


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  3. Most French Muslims I know, from the agnostic to the secular to the pious, hate fundamentalists (those from Algerian descent in particular, and you know why). By ‘fundamentalists’ I don’t mean abstract notions, but people they actually know of, even casually. Yet in the past, they would often refrain from engaging with them, or speak about it with non-Muslims, let alone to the authorities. I’ve seen them slowly changing their mind over the last couple of years. It became particularly obvious, for the most politically opinionated, during the Arab Spring.

    I suppose you noticed that the French police have received in the past months a large amount of calls from worried parents and relatives reporting the departure or the ‘radicalization’ of their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters etc. Expect the number to rise significantly. This is one way to go – depending of course on how the services will be able to successfully use the intel.

    Nobody in their right mind is surprised. But Le Pen doesn’t have a clue (and neither does ‘pegida’).

    1. After watching Le Pen’s video address, I stand corrected: she seems to have a clue. Still pretty sure a lot of her fans won’t appreciate the stance, though.

  4. Robert Marchenoir says:

    Bernard Cazeneuve, the French Interior minister, who was all martial and resolute on live TV today, was on the record last August saying : inciting jihad is not an actionable offence.

    Well, maybe it’s time it were.

  5. Mr. Friendly says:


    No no no, you see, the reason why this is happening is because racist whites haven’t done enough to accept Muslims and make them feel welcome

    Only more tolerance and acceptance can prevent things like this. The bigger problem here is that this could spread racism and anti-diversity sentiment.

    Once the erasure of European culture is complete these sorts of things won’t happen anymore, so that’s what we must push for!

  6. ThoroughlyConcerned says:

    From one of your previous articles, the Wikipedia link to “active measures” describes the KGB fomenting “nazi-style hatred” of Jews across the Muslim world – interesting now that “the only winner in today’s atrocity is Vladimir Putin and his European friends”. One might think it was a carefully planned outcome.

  7. Robert Marchenoir says:

    If the link is correct, this is the video (or one of the videos) where the killers shout, in French, “We’ve avenged prophet Mohammed” (the Arabic version of the name is used, instead of the French version Mahomet, but “devout” “French” Muslims would often use that form), and “We’ve killed Charlie-Hebdo” (the name of the magazine). Do you hear Russian in this audio as well ?

    Several witnesses were spoken to by the killers, and none (to my knowledge) reported any foreign language being spoken.

    1. 20committee says:

      there is a line that sounds v much like Russian, yes….proper voice analysis will reveal the truth

    2. @Robert Marchenoir

      One witness interviewed by France Info radio very early on had been talked to by the killers (in the first building they entered), and she mentioned ‘very bad French’ and a ‘Foreign accent’ she didn’t identify (she herself had a North-African accent).

      It is far from impossible that the police have since asked other witnesses not to enter into details, but I guess we’ll soon know more.

    3. WJM says:

      I see no link in your message, nor any (reference to a) previous link….am I missing something?
      (Google doesn’t come up with anything meaningful either, in ‘Russian language’ context….any site elsewhere discussing this?

      PS: Holland didn’t really wake up after the murder on Theo van Gogh, so I have no reason to believe France will.

      1. deuxglass1 says:

        I am not sure what you mean. Theo van Gogh was murdered back in 2004. Holland wasn’t president then, Chirac was. One is not connected to the other.

      2. WJM says:

        I meant Holland, not Hollande….;))
        As in The Netherlands….;))

        As for the missing link: I am pretty sure the comment I reacted upon contained the note about the terrorists using Russian language….afterwards I noticed that it now was contained in John’s original article (and nowhere to be found anymore in the comments!) although as an update (just not sure whether it wasn’t there yet when I read it, or whether I missed it initially).
        Short: I finally found it, thanx for the note/update anyway….:))

  8. slottopersio says:

    If the attackers were confirmed as jihadists your analysis may as well be compelling, but what does Merkel’s condemnation of PEGIDA have to do with this? Of course she labelled them as racist, as should any other Head of Government or State when confronted with groups trying to expel and marginalise fellow citizens on the basis of their religion.
    Germany knows better than any other country where how these claims may unravel. The hatred against the Jews was justified in Europe (and in the USA) in very similar ways as the hatred against Muslims is justified now. “Islamisation” of societies is a myth just like the Nazi’s myth of Jewish contaminating Aryan blood. This is why we have to stand against gross generalisations and racism just as strongly as condemning terrorism.

    1. 20committee says:

      That’s an amazing number of non-sequiturs and straw-men in just two short paragraphs — impressive!

    2. Lyle says:

      The leaders of PEGIDA aren’t racist. They are demonstrating against Islamists and Islamism. Some of the people demonstrating with them are bigots, who disparage all Muslims, but PEGIDA’s leaders expressly say they aren’t anti-Muslim or anti-Islam, but anti-Islamist.

  9. yesnomaybe says:

    I as everyone else I am shocked, and i think you make a valid point. I would not want anything a like happening anywhere in Europe or world, but how do you see “waking up”? Is “waking up” going down the slope of far-right and anti islamism, by election Marine Le Pen, PEGIDA as a viable solution? Wouldn’t it would cause only larger friction and more aggression from both sides?
    Maybe you have some other article on how you think governments should react on events like this?

  10. MarqueG says:

    Just to tie together a couple of your blog’s running themes, I just heard the anchor/presenter at ask her Berlin correspondent something along the lines of “Since the secret spy/security agencies (Geheimdienste) are constantly eavesdropping on everyone, how could they miss this?”

    ~Ich kann kaum so viel fressen, wie ich kotzen möchte!~

    Even by the standards of banal idiocy that passes for lamestream American media reporting, the unquestioned acceptance of the SnowdenOp in the German media is as repugnant as it is stupefying. Yes, young lady, how is it that our secret spy agencies don’t know everything? Could it be, perhaps, because they aren’t actually, you know, eavesdropping on everything anyone says? Could it be that these security services are bound by rule of law, unlike, say, the jihadists, mullahs, Norks, and KG-used-to-Bs?

    If these Euro-weenie news gatekeepers and their intellectual sponsors can’t see the gaping holes of illogic in their presumptions, then may sweet Allah help us all, by the Beard of the Prophet!

  11. Blue Dragon says:

    John I wrote you a DM on Twitter, Russia now cheers on the Terrorists “secretly”

  12. Martin Sattler says:

    The words used to describe Theo van Gogh – “journalist-cum-provocateur who was indelicate in his attacks on Islam” – are baffling to say the least. It just feels like you can understand his being butchered because he was a provocateur and indelicate…because he made a movie about Islam. Can you say the same about what happened to the folks at “Charlie-Hebdo, a left-wing magazine known for skewering sacred cows of many breeds, including Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.” Either we stand for free speech or we do not.

    One other point, your assessment of the Europeans is well taken but in reading your presentation, I have to say my mind drifted to the political correctness of our political and media elites. “Work place violence” for the Ft. Hood massacre is the prime example, though the Benghazi video is right there as well. Even today the President cannot bring himself to describe what happened in Paris as Islamic terrorism, hell he can’t even say terrorism. Appreciate the historic background in your article.

    1. 20committee says:

      If you cannot tell that I condemn ALL acts of terrorism, if that’s is not crystal-clear to you, please learn to read.

    2. WJM says:

      Actually, contrary to popular belief, Mohammed Bouyeri did not slaughter Theo van Gogh because of his film Submission, despite that, in his butcher-knifed-note, he also (or better predominantly) addressed Ayaan Hirsi Ali (author of the film), as if he much rather had wanted to take her down instead….yet no word was said about the film itself (remember though that Ayaan was slaugher-worthy cattle in his (and many fellow) opinions, because she left islam (partly because having already been butchered genetically in her youth)).

      See also the (rare because purely religious) analysis that his good friend & arabist Hans Jansen made:

      (lovely guy, brilliant cynical & vitriol-acid comedian, when asked as expert in discussion panels, on par with hypochonder-avant-la-lettre Dutch poet Komrij (on similar political topics))

      That said, Theo van Gogh had a decade-long history of attacking relifascists of any denomination, just like Charlie Hebdo; it’s just that islam offered him such a rich source to keep on going, both content/hypocrisy and the never-to-miss being-offended-as-a-pasttime muslims and their defensive kinship of Gutmenschen….particulary succesful was his use of ‘The Pedoleet’ (mix of pederastic/pedophile with prophet (Dutch: profeet), refering to the marriage with 9-year old Aisha). Never failed to boil someones blood….:))
      (a romanticised life-play of Aisha (by another director, not Theo) was once effectively blocked by a so-called ‘liberal muslima’, Fatima Elatik (still in Dutch local politics, still leaving ruins everywhere she goes….which lead to a series of collumns, ‘Allah weet het beter’ (Allah knows better):

      Btw, with all respect to the owner & actors of Submission & their arguments of safety (having refused further broadcast & distribution of the film), but to all those who have recently climbed on their soapbox to exclaim ‘je suis Charlie’, I wonder which of those (in the higher echelons of media) would be brave enough to also broadcast Submission once more.
      (it’s a brilliant short film, creepy & haunting, that really goes deep under your skin, goosebumps^2)

  13. mrmeangenes says:

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    Shocking story. Comments about Europe could very easily apply here-judging by the sheer numbers of inane blatherskites on the internet…

  14. Alex says:

    Question for the author: I once heard a rumor that, in relation to the freeing of French hostages by Iran/Hezbollah, then-French President Francois Mitterand not only freed the famour terrorist, Annis Naccache, but also allowed Imad Mughniyah shopping sprees on the Champs Élysées. Is there any truth to this claim?

    1. 20committee says:

      I’ve heard the rumor, honestly I have no idea if there is any truth to it.

    2. WJM says:

      My mom reminded me of the ‘fact’ that all this misery started when France offered asylum to Khomeiny….
      (which turning point in time, 1980, I have clearly marked in my gear-head mind, since that was defacto also the birth of the MB Gelaendewagen (without the Sjah it wouldn’t have been developed, almost ready for serial production, and luckily the cancelling of that order, because of the coup, didn’t change the course of this MB-project after all))

      Also reminds me that one of Germany’s most political-correctionists TV-/docu-reporters, Peter Scholl-Latour (an arrogant bastard beyond belief, also Putin-Versteher avant-la-lettre), was full of understanding for Khomeiny.
      (he even interviewed him on his flight into asylum, I recall)

      1. uwe says:

        PSL ( like Trinquier a veteran of Commando Ponchardier ) was one of the most un-pc German journalists. He was the first to warn of the dangers coming from poltical islam. Only a former Gestapo victim like him could get away with the things he said and wrote. Short example from memory: “We may have won the battle at Kahlenberg (Battle of Vienna) but we have already lost the Battle for Kreuzberg ( the part of West-Berlin with the most Turkish immigrants then ) because our culture has lost the will to fight it.” That was in 1983. Not very politically correct, not even then.
        He accompanied Khomeini on his flight back to Teheran and was able to see the world through the eyes of fundamentalist imam or of a Vietnamese Communist guerilla or even through those of a solovik, but that does not mean that he was sharing their views.

      2. WJM says:

        About Peter Scholl-Latour:

        Political-correctness (or better political-correctionism, as I like to write it (leading & luring/pressing other folks into base-logic-deviant & other abhorrent ideas)) might be a meandering subject/victim of the Zeitgeist (read: PC in 1983 might get you in jail today), but if there is one constant nagging core element in PSL ramblings, for who is to blame for any next kind of misery he stumbled upon (carefully selected), then it is his ‘die Amerikaner haben’.
        He hardly could have made/rationalize any of his docu’s without this moronic stereotype….

        And in any other discussion forum/panel, he was a obnoxious rude arrogant bastard towards others also.
        As if he could only see through the eyes of other dictators/bastards/genocidists, always ‘Die Amerikaner’, and not see the viewpoint of other rational beings….

        Being a Putin-Versteher avant la lettre, including full understanding for the invasion of Crimea, just confirmed his dazzling bigotry to me.

        Rule #1: blame the west

        Rule #2: If the west is not to blame, repeat #1

        Ein aetzender Persoenlichkeit….

  15. deuxglass1 says:

    Living here in Paris I detect a strong change in the climate because of this. It is too early to see if the change is durable or not but the French feel this attack like the Americans did on 9/11.

  16. WJM says:


    Perhaps, probably (against some odds), and hopefully, I have become a bit too cynical/paranoid over time, but after absorbing the full extend of Putin’s hybrid war, partly through your writings, including the blatant financing of right-wing parties, including Marie LePen….and also reading this recently about the coverage of the right-wing Pegida-protests in Cologne….
    Russland hält derzeit einen kurzen Winterschlaf: Das Land feiert das orthodoxe Weihnachtsfest, seit Neujahr sind Staatsferien. Gedruckte Zeitungen erscheinen erst in der kommenden Woche wieder, auch viele Online-Redaktionen sind dünn besetzt, entsprechend spärlich fallen die Berichte über Pegida in russischsprachigen Medien aus.

    Ganz anders ist das bei Russia Today, dem von der russischen Regierung finanzierten Auslandssender. “Tensions are high in Germany”, hieß es in einer Topmeldung des englischsprachigen Dienstes. Der Sender berichtete ausführlich über die zahlreichen Gegendemonstranten, die in Pegida “eine rassistische Bewegung sehen”. Zu Wort kamen sowohl Pegida-Anhänger als auch ihre Gegner. “What is happening right now in Germany is extremely shocking”, sagte eine Gegendemonstrantin dem russischen Sender. Dessen Tochterunternehmen, die in Berlin sitzende Video-Agentur Ruptly, sorgte allerdings gleichzeitig dafür, die Pegida-Botschaften zu verbreiten. Wie zuvor schon bei “Hogesa”-Kundgebungen übertrug Ruptly die Pegida-Demo in Dresden live im Internet.

    ….I can’t help wondering whether Putin would *not* have any motive to support/sponsor relifascist terror(rists) in general, and acts of this magnitude in particular.
    Or at least put a very blind eye to any intelligence Russia might have about anything (preventable) pending….

    In that same context (and I very vaguelly recall having seen a note about this somewhere, either as an editorial or a simple comment/blog), I can’t help wondering either whether Putin doesn’t have any motive to sponsor the increasing flood of ‘Meditteranean’ refugees, from both Africa & the Middle-East….if only by also silently sponsoring relifascism in Africa, or at least also putting a blind eye to that.

    Oh well, hopefully Chinese intelligence is just as good in Africa, realising Putin’s motives might not coincide with theirs, in their African sphere of influence/food-sources.
    (would Putin be stupid enough to instigate relifascism near or within China’s borders?)

    Or put it differently: given Putin’s hybrid war, he would be stupid *not* to instigate things in this context.
    Thinking a bully of his magnitude, intellect, perseverance and long-time goals would *not* do things like this, cq have an ethical limit anyway, seems wishful thinking at the same magnitude….
    Short: why not?

  17. Fred says:

    What makes this attack especially damaging to the French Dhimmi classes (Bayrou, NKM, Greens, Melenchon) is that politically Charlie Hebdo was hard left. This has created a massive cognitive in the brains of these people which could change the terms of the debate.

  18. Adrian says:

    As expected, two of the gunmen are French nationals of maghrebian origin judging by the names ( Said and Cherif Kouachi), age 34 and 32, brothers born in Paris. One of them had been on trial for terrorism accusations before. Deja-vu and predicted on this blog by J.S.

    It is obvious it wasn’t the first time they used AKs, they fired shot by shot or very short bursts – just look at photos of the police car they shot up – very good grouping of shots

    15 rounds in the windscreen – 3 of which perfectly grouped to kill the driver, 1 in the hood and there was another one in the right front fender (not visible in the photo linked above). It takes practice and cold blood to achieve this.

    1. Adrian says:

      Nevermind, I didn’t see the last update posted by John saying pretty much the same thing…

  19. c6543 says:

    Europe is finally waking up, as PEGIDA testifies, but alas, most of the present day mainstream leaders will not. In their case it’s not so much about not waking up, but of eyes wide shut and strong commitment to a cause.

    As you have noticed before, Putin’s friends “are everywhere”. Ironically, Gerhard Schröder was among the politicos, magnates, celebrities and clerics backing Angela Merkels effort to silence PEGIDA. Her own East German political background is somewhat shady, to say the least. So, what are we to believe in? Who can we believe?

    Evidence of a strong leftist-islamist axis is becoming stronger and stronger. Known islamist figures are taking seats for leftist parties in European parliaments, and there simply seem to be no way that any islamist-jihadist outrage, whether in the Middle East, Africa or Europe can alter that. Furthermore, hitherto leftist views and style of political activism seem to have spread to the nominal center-right side of the political spectrum to a degree that it is no longer possible to discern any major differences between the mainstream “right” and the left. It has come to a point where you wonder if communism really fell with the Berlin Wall in 1989 or if it just threw itself to the ground and played dead for a while, only to increase its efforts of undermining the West, Operatsya Multikulturnaja being the most efficient major Active Measure of them all.

    Today, the talking heads are united in condemnation, but will they step forward and promise to do “whatever it takes” to stop grand scale jihadist atrocities in Europe? And actually do it? Hardly. And that will show that they are commited enablers. What Europe need is a complete peaceful Orange Revolution, as in the Ukraine. It will be violently opposed, though, no doubt.

    Dear U.S. please don’t drive by. Pivot back and park.

  20. Anders says:

    “In 1972, the Kremlin decided to turn the whole Islamic world against Israel and the U.S. As KGB chairman Yury Andropov told me, a billion adversaries could inflict far greater damage on America than could a few millions. We needed to instill a Nazi-style hatred for the Jews throughout the Islamic world, and to turn this weapon of the emotions into a terrorist bloodbath against Israel and its main supporter, the United States. No one within the American/Zionist sphere of influence should any longer feel safe. ”

  21. Lyle says:

    Even the hooligan element in Germany is not that bigoted and clearly not ignorant. For that first Cologne demonstration they titled their protest as HoGeSA or Hooligans Against Salafism.

    What anti-supremacist isn’t against Salafism?

  22. Lyle says:

    We should also remember Pim Fortuyn. He was killed by a left-wing white Dutch extremist for wanting to curtail Muslim immigration to the Netherlands.

    1. WJM says:

      In that context, I would like to post a telling quote from him that apparently never made it into English, and even in Dutch it has not been quoted that much (other than by me, after being posted originally in 2002):
      (posted/quoted by me, in 2007, original/first post in 2002)
      Newsgroups: nl.politiek
      From: “.Ilja Oblomov”
      Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 22:30:41 +0100
      Local: Fri, Mar 29 2002 10:30 pm
      Subject: KALE, kijk jij maar uit…

      “In het Rotterdamse Claraziekenhuis, lag mijn secretaresse op zaal
      met drie andere vrouwen; een Tunesische en twee Turksen. Enorme
      families verdrongen zich tijdens het bezoekuur, met eten, roken.
      In een ziekenhuis dat de regel hanteert: maximaal drie personen
      aan het bed, niet roken, geen etenswaren meenemen.”

      “Mijn secretaresse voelde zich er vreselijk opgelaten. Dus ik ging
      naar de hoofdzuster en zei: ‘Mevrouw, het is daar een troep,
      het staat er blauw van de rook, er zit tien man rond elk bed,
      zou u niet eens optreden?’ Nou, na veel vieren en vijven gebeurde
      dat dan; ze moesten er uit. En toen zei zo’n Turk tegen mij:
      ‘Kale, kijk jij maar uit, wij nemen het hier straks over~,
      Toen viel er bij mij ineens een kwartje. Ik dacht: ‘Dat zullen we
      nog wel eens zien’.”

      Uit een interview met Pim Fortuyn in Het Parool van zat. 15.2.1997
      n.a.v. van het verschijnen van zijn boek “Tegen de Islamisering van
      onze cultuur.”

      Groet, Ilja Oblomov
      ¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸ ,ø
      ¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸ ,ø

      Translation (someone gotta do it….;))

      “In the Clara hospital in Rotterdam, my secretary was living in a room with 3 other women; 1 Tunesian, 2 Turkish. Huge families crowded the room during visiting hours, with food, smoking.
      This is a hospital with the rule: 3 visitors maximum, no food/eating, no smoking.”

      “My secretary was very uneasy with all this. So I went to the head-nurse, and said ‘Madam, it is a mess over there, the air can be cut with a knife, and there are 10 people at each bed, shouldn’t you do something?’. After lots of deliberation it finally happened, they had to go. And then one of the Turks said to me “Baldy, watch out, we will take over soon.” At that point the quarter dropped. I thought: ‘*That* we will see’.”

      From an interview with Pim Fortuyn in Het Parool (Dutch newspaper), Saturday, 15 februari 1997, on the occasion of the launch of his book, “Against the islamisation of our culture.”

  23. Natalie K. says:

    In answer to your question posed as the title of this post: no, Europe will not wake up. They didn’t wake up to this threat that faces the West after 9/11 happened here. They didn’t wake up after the Madrid bombings or the London Tube bombings. Why should this be any different?

  24. apache says:

    In 2012, I wrote a paper for you that argued that the number one threat in Europe, specifically France, is the failed assimilation of the muslim population. Angela Merkel from a speech in 2011, “Multiculturalism has utterly failed.” German and UK senior officials both agreed for their own countries…maybe this Soeren Kern guy is on to something….

    1. 20committee says:

      Yes indeed. PS Greetings!

  25. Pierre says:

    The news of the last few months have left me wondering: has AQ undergone a change in strategy, going from planning and carrying out operations to positioning themselves as a market provider of military training, with fundamentalist outreach effort acting as advertisement? This is mainly in reaction to their endorsement of lone wolf efforts.
    Of course it makes sense to endorse lone wolf efforts if they feel they cannot reliably carry out operations themselves, but I’m wondering how their economics were affected (i.e. do they charge for training, and how much?)

  26. Laurent G. says:

    French speaker here, just wanted to clarify about the video.
    The first sentence spoken is “Tu voulais nous tuer”, wich means “So you wanted to kill us”. The police officer replies “Non, c’est bon chef”, = “No, it’s alright, sir”.
    Although with the aggressive tone it does really sound like russian, if you don’t understand french.

    1. 20committee says:

      I speak both, thanks!

    2. But there might be other aspects, like the car itself. I would say, that such a car was chosen from a woman. Like the assassins have held the rifles, it was like in Ukraine the unsigned Russian soldiers. And I might say, that how one of the assassins around the car has moved with such a smooth moving it has seemed for me unusual.

  27. professionalXMAZ says:

    Any insight into why an ‘al qaeda trained, awlaki funded’ cell took jewish hostages and didn’t kill them all, or make any public demands?

    I’d also love your take on their claim to be funded by Awlaki….given he died 3 years ago.

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