Putin Adviser: Ukrainian Intelligence is a U.S.-Controlled Gestapo

As I’ve reported recently, the Kremlin is taking full advantage of the Ukraine-Is-Fascist meme, with an enthusiastic embrace of propaganda taken straight out of the Stalinist playbook. Last week, Sergey Glazyev, a senior adviser to President Vladimir Putin who is known for controversial statements, flatly termed Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko a “Nazi.”

Now Glazyev has outdone even that vitriol in a remarkable interview with state-run RIA Novosti about Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU). Amid much denunciation of Poroshenko and Ukraine’s increasingly successful efforts to blunt Russian aggression, Glazyev described the SBU as “a criminal organization and its leadership is fully controlled by U.S. intelligence agencies. That is to say, this is an organization that creates lawlessness in Ukraine, commits crimes against the people of Ukraine,” adding that “the SBU performs essentially the same function in Ukraine today as that performed by the Gestapo in Nazi Germany.”

“There is no question of legal methods or legal culture,” Glazyev stated, accusing the SBU of mass killings of its own citizens in the anti-terrorist operation currently being waged by Kyiv against Russian-controlled militias in the country’s southeast. “It would be fully logical, based on extensive evidence given by citizens, to classify the SBU as a terrorist organization. Essentially, it is a criminal terrorist organization that operates lawlessly in Ukraine against its own citizens,” he added.

Mincing no words, Glazyev pointed his finger directly at Washington, DC: “We must understand that the SBU is now working under the direction of U.S. intelligence … Essentially, the SBU is a tool of the United States,” explicitly accusing America of “unleashing a war” in Ukraine so that it might “solve its economic and political problems at the expense of Europeans”.

Perhaps significantly, this interview, which says something about the mentality of those who are running the Kremlin today, does not appear on RIA Novosti’s English-language site. Also unsurprisingly, the SBU has opened a criminal inquiry into Sergey Glazyev. 



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    Strange chain of suicides among peoples with interesting lives and ranks during the last months. I wish I could read already what will be published in the years to come about the interconnections between Georgia, Ossetia, Abkhasia and Ukraine:


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