Kremlin denounces independent Ukraine, blames West

Things are moving very fast in Ukraine today. President Yanukovych, after the bloodbath this week on the streets of Kyiv, has been thrown out of office by the parliament. The country is in turmoil, and in the east, centered on Kharkiv, the Moscow-backed Ukrainian Front that I informed you of three weeks ago, is arming the population and preparing for war.

And now the Russian Foreign Ministry has made its position clear in a new press release on its website – the new government in Kyiv is illegitimate and it’s the West’s fault. This is a remarkably rough diplomatic message. It cannot be construed as anything less than a threat to an independent Ukraine. The full text follows …

“About a telephone conversation between Russian Foreign Minister S.V. Lavrov and the foreign ministers of Germany, Poland and France”

On 22 February, separate telephone conversations took place between Russian Foreign Minister S.V. Lavrov and German Foreign Minister F.-W. Steinmeier, Polish Foreign Minister R. Sikorski and French Foreign Minister L. Fabius.

S.V. Lavrov expressed the most serious concern over the inability of those who signed the agreement in Kyiv on 21 February to agree. Not only did the opposition fail to honor any of its commitments, it is also putting forward new demands, taking its cue from the armed extremists and rioters whose actions pose a direct threat to Ukraine’s sovereignty and constitutional order.

The Russian Minister called emphatically on Germany, Poland and France, as countries who actively promoted and witnessed the signing of the agreement on 21 February, to use their influence over the opposition in order to ensure the agreement is implemented immediately and the disorderly roughnecks are restrained. It is time to stop misleading the international community and giving the impression that today’s Maidan represents the interests of the Ukrainian people.

F.-W. Steinmeier, R. Sikorski and L. Fabius shared the Russian side’s concern, recognized that the opposition had failed to honor their commitments and promised to take additional steps as a matter of urgency in order to ensure the implementation of the agreements that have been reached.


13 comments on “Kremlin denounces independent Ukraine, blames West”
  1. Douglas A. Perkins says:

    What’s going to happen? When it came to the basic mechanics, Huntington knew what the heck he was talking about.

    1. 20committee says:

      Alas, he did …

  2. Niccolo Salo says:

    Lavrov has a point in that commitments have not been kept by the rebellious side.

    We’re going to see some serious radicalization in Odessa, Crimea, and the east of the country. I don’t think Ukraine can be put back together without the use of force from either side and that the result coming will be one of partition of a federalization of highly autonomous regions.

    The West is going for broke here by throwing its full support behind those who have broken this deal from Thursday.

    The IMF wolves are now at the door with an ’emergency aid package’ which won’t sit well with the industrialists in the east of the country who are already worried about their foreign bank accounts.

    Also, Yanukovich might be seeing his last days. He was never popular in Moscow and his support amongst the eastern oligarchs in the industrial heartland is significantly waning. In some ruling circles in Moscow, Timoshenko is more popular than Yanukovich.

    Timoshenko’s release is quite funny in the context of these demos turned rebellion being about opposing corruption. She’s as corrupt as Yanukovich, if not moreso.

  3. Me says:

    The man, who was forced to sign contract for cooperation with counterintelligence – not clear which one, because of the Russian accent of his interrogators – and to become a ‘Tituszka’. He tells what they did to him:

  4. Me says:

    For all of those who claimed that sniper attacks were just ‘fascist propaganda’ (drastic footage):

    The true face of the ‘forces of peace’ there.

    I wonder if those shooting at civilians b*stards would be so ‘heroic’ if the other side had the ability to shoot back. Guess not.

  5. Humph Bogga says:

    When will Lavrov finally replace the incompetent Steinmeier and the pathetic Sikorski. What an amazing fail – is this what they get paid for?

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