Al-Qa’ida source claims Benghazi Embassy attack was failed kidnapping

In an interesting development, it was reported today that last September’s terrorist attack on US Embassy Benghazi, which resulted in the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, was actually an effort to kidnap Stevens to exchange him for high-value Al-Qa’ida detainees. MEMRI has the story or if you have Arabic you can read the original here.

The site where the posting appeared is Ansar al-Mujahidin, a well known Salafi jihadist forum with ties to Al-Qa’ida, and the person credited with the posting is Abdallah Dhu al-Bajadin, a known AQ fanboy and famous bomb-maker in jihadist circles, who was behind the oddly named “Al-Qa’ida Airlines” magazine.

The post claims that the Benghazi attack was a well-planned AQ operation which sought to capture Stevens with the intent of trading him for high-value jihadist prisoners in US or Allied hands. The post, which is filled with taunts against the United States, the State Department, and former Secretary Hillary Clinton for alleged incompetence, adds that Stevens did not die through asphyxiation, as Washington, DC, has claimed, rather he was killed by mujahidin via lethal injection when the kidnapping operation went wrong.

The author provides no direct evidence for his claims, but this looks certain to reopen the Benghazi attack, which remains controversial and partly unexplained, particularly since this is the day Senator Lindsey Graham accused the Obama administration of a cover-up about Benghazi, telling survivors to “be quiet” about what happened.

More as it happens …. the Benghazi story appears far from over.


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